6 Advantages of Using Digital Passes

6 Advantages of Using Digital Passes
Erik June 27, 2021

6 Advantages of Using Digital Passes

In our world today, physical passes are on their way out. Consider how many visitors will show up to your next event with a smartphone in hand. Chances are, it’ll be most, if not all, of them. That makes digital passes a convenient option for both you and your patrons. Visitors can easily access their tickets from their phones, which saves you the hassle of mailing tickets or distributing them at will-call. Yodel’s ticketing options make it easy for patrons to get a digital ticket and simple for you to scan it. Check out these 6 reasons why digital passes offer major perks for everyone.

Easier technology for the user

Printing passes can be a hassle. Not everyone has a printer at home, which can make printing physical passes challenging. Digital pass trends eliminate this.

Instead of sending a printable pass, email instructions on how an attendee can access their pass and add it to their Yodel digital wallet. Since many of your patrons will order their passes from their smartphones, using a paperless alternative, offering a virtual pass creates a streamlined process and appeals to mobile users.

Tickets don’t get lost or left at home

Before digital passes, a visitors biggest concern before heading to the venue was leaving their pass at home. After all, if they showed up without a pass in hand, then they either wouldn’t be able to get in or would have to pay again at the gate. With a virtual pass option, that worry is gone.

Instead of filling their pockets or purse with a wallet, phone, and pass, visitors can show up with just their smartphone in hand. Combining a digital wallet and virtual passes into a convenient smartphone app means that your attendees will have less to bring along (and less to forget).

You save money and time

Digital passes aren’t just more convenient for your attendees. They also help you cut down on costs, too. Consider the time and expenses associated with mailing physical passes to every patron. You have to spend money to print the tickets themselves. Then, postage and envelopes cost extra. Beyond that, sending passes requires your staff to manually package and mail each pass, which can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Digital tickets help the environment

Printing passes isn’t just costly, it also wastes plenty of paper. A lot of tickets are promptly tossed in the trash or, worse yet, left on the floor at your park or event. Less paper means less waste, making your venue more environmentally friendly.

Easy and convenient digital passes make your process more sustainable. 

Easy tracking and verification

Printed passes are hard to track. When you’re using an application like Yodel, you can easily keep track of pass data, which can help you better manage your venue and visitors. The Yodel Ranger app allows you to monitor real-time crowd capacity, provide timed entry, facilitate contactless check-ins, and much more. You can break down check-ins by the hour, day, month, and year to monitor pass selling and capacity trends over time.

Real-time capacity tracking allows you to make smart decisions about your venue/event and better manage traffic flow. Even more, easy-to-use pass scanning options allow you to scan a QR code for secure check-in or utilize our industry-leading tamper-proof visual validation. Digital passes deliver these convenient tracking and verification options, making them a smart choice over traditional paper passes.

Streamlined entry

Long lines at the door are a frustrating welcome for patrons. Speed up entry and allow users to skip the line with digital passes. Rather than handling paper passes, you can quickly scan each attendee’s phone, and they’re instantly through the gate. In addition to being efficient, digital passes also cut down on hand-to-hand contact, which is an appealing safety measure today.

Yodel makes it easy to create, track, and sell passes if you’re ready to switch to digital. Wow your visitors with the convenience of digital passes and streamlined entry.

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