Yodel Automation 

Comprehensive Parking Solutions 

Pay by plate for unattended parking lots reduces cost and complexity. 

Staff spends less time on enforcement by using a list that identifies unpaid vehicles by color and license plate.

Patrons can be messaged via their mobile devices,
for example with a reminder that their parking pass is expiring.

Yodel Simplifies Parking for Patrons and Staff

How Does Yodel Automation Work?

Yodel Automation Eliminates Backups at Entrance
Yodel Unattended and Semi Attended Operations

LPR devices capture vehicle plates entering and leaving the premises. Customers pay by plate using the Yodel app on their mobile device when they park their cars.

Capacity Information

Yodel Provides Useful Parking Statistics on Mobile Device

Real-time activity reporting is available on Yodel Ranger App. Yodel populates the real-time capacity based on total entries and exit at a location. It also shows congestion trends based on day and time for each location that can help facility management with staffing and other business decisions.   


Yodel Can be Integrated with Existing Hardware and Software

Yodel automation can be integrated with existing software and hardware. There is no need to rip and replace current system to enjoy the benefits of Yodel Automation.

Integrations include:

  • Patron payments from Yodel  app, reservations, kiosk, and website
  • Third party enforcement software

Ability to Send Messages

Message to Inform, Remind and Survey Patrons
  • Survey Patrons about their experience
  • Inform Patrons in realtime during the day of visit
  • Remind Patrons about upcoming events

Yodel Suite of Products

Yodel Provides Benefits for Patrons and Staff

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