Digital Wallets Are More Than Credit Cards and Airline Boarding Passes. Some Promise a Transformative Guest Experience.

Digital Wallets Are More Than Credit Cards and Airline Boarding Passes:

Some Promise a Transformative Guest Experience.

What is a Digital Wallet?

You know the scene:

You’re in a bit of a hurry at the store, and get to the counter to set your items down.

The cashier tells you your total, and right then, patting your pockets, you realize – you forgot your wallet. Or purse. Or, if you don’t embarrass easily, your neon fanny pack.

Whether sitting at home on the counter or in the pocket of the coat you almost wore, it’s not with you now. Or you brought the wrong credit card…..Or the rewards card is in your other purse.

However, if you’re one of the millions worldwide adopting ever-changing financial technology, there’s nothing to worry about. You pull out your phone or smart watch, and up pops your payment method or loyalty card, displayed on the screen.

Fast, secure, simple; you’re on your way again.


How many times have you gone to a store and forgotten the coupon you were saving, or the card you use to pay for everything?

That cash you had on hand?

The annual park pass you just signed up for?

term “digital wallet” describes content or information in the form of a wallet item or pass stored on your mobile device.

Think of it as the digital equivalent of all the everyday things included in a physical wallet like loyalty cards, coupons, business cards, tickets, credit cards, and more.

In a word: convenience!

Digital wallets are nearly impossible to forget since forgotten they’re stored on your phone. And most are even available if you lose network connectivity.

In terms of efficiency, a digital wallet pass is hard to beat.

Easily created, managed, updated, and accessed, the future of financial services is already here for businesses looking to bring themselves into the pockets of the most up-to-date customers.

On top of the speed and ease with which they provide the user, digital wallets and passes can help reduce the cost of traditionally physical card programs by up to 25x. (ACCORDING TO WHO?

A recent article in CEO World magazine speaks to the incredible growth in this still nascent technology: In 2019, 901 million people worldwide used this payment method.

That number is expected to grow to nearly 1.5 billion in 2021, increasing by 11% year on year. By 2023, the total number of people using digital wallets is expected to reach 1.7 billion worldwide.

In short, if you have a phone, odds are you will be using some features or benefits of a digital wallet soon, if you have not already!

How is Yodel Pass Different from Other Digital Wallets?

Two of the leading names in today’s digital wallet arena are Apple Wallet and Google Pay, and these act as a central hub and repository for wallet items (such as tickets, passes, and credit or debit cards).

Their sheer scale makes them industry leaders, even if their technology is fairly basic.

By that we mean they suffer from a lot of the drawbacks that the early version of websites did. If you want to sound smart at your next professional networking event, you could call them skeumorphic.

Skeuomorphism is a term most often used in graphical user interface design to describe interface objects that mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and/or how the user can interact with them. A well-known example is the recycle bin icon used for discarding files. Skeuomorphism makes interface objects familiar to users by using concepts they recognize, according to the Interaction Design Formation.

Our work speaks for itself.

But we all know the most widely adopted and revolutionary technologies do not simply digitize an existing tool or system. They create an entire new genre and unleash a new wave of possibilities.

Facebook and LinkedIn are not digital versions of a yearbook or resume: They are networks that connect people who would likely never before connect. Uber and Lyft are not digital taxis, they are calling entire new people to become independent mobility entrepreneurs.

Think about virtual reality, 3D printing and the blockchain that powers cryptocurrency. They are not incremental improvements on an existing platform, but stark departures from anything remotely similar performing an approximate task.

This is not to disparage the Google Pay and Apple Wallet, as they clearly have utility by helping people simply not lose the paper products they replace and leave their credits cards at home

What a truly revolutionary digital wallet accomplishes: Save money & time.

Now picture a new scene: It’s Christmas and you’re about to buy a set of season passes for your family to your favorite regional water park. It’s a place you’ve been visiting with your family for years, with a dayful of fun packed into every last drop of gravity-induced H20.

While the widely known digital wallets offer some value to store a digital version of your season pass, a new offering delivers even greater value for both the family of sunseekers as well as the park operators. 

Yodel delivers: 

Superior Fraud Prevention and Access Control Capabilties Yodel combats fraud and revenue leakage with three forms of authentication built into the passes including a time embedded rotating QR code, visual validation, and time stamping. 

The visual validation allows a passholder to “check in” on the app, removing the need for scanning and busting up those frustrating long lines by allowing more people to move more rapidly through the line. 

Real-Time Data: In a world where both event goers and event management are working on a by-the-second basis, Yodel allows patrons to check real-time availability at your facilities and allows the agencies to learn who their customers are, how they are engaging with your digital pass program, monitor check-in activity, access customer demographics, communicate directly and optimize your business strategy.

This helps prevent overcrowding on busy weekend days and helps ticket buyers know before they go if there’s room for them. 

All Pass Types Supported: Whether it’s season tickets, a daily or annual pass, or a more complex verification pass type, Yodel does it all. 

Want to sell a disabled veteran pass at one price, a non-resident pass at another, a more expensive ticket on a high volume day or a free parking pass on a holiday? Yodel can deliver and make it easy for your team to manage inventory and pricing in real time. 

Crowd Capacity Monitoring: Not only can agencies and facilities monitor and manage their real-time crowd capacity directly from the Yodel Ranger app, patrons can also check to see how full a park or event may be before visiting. 

In the era of COVID and rolling capacity restrictions, simply setting up a limit on the app can help you from inadvertently overselling tickets or parking and risking a congested crowd. Visitors will see you’re taking health and safety seriously by not jamming patrons in to what could be an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe atmosphere. 

Send Customer Notifications: Send notifications regarding real-time park closures, inclement weather, and safety announcements.

Imagine a water main break hits 90 minutes before your big event. Or a traffic accident on the nearby interstate has wait times outside the venue tripled. Or your main attraction water slide suddenly goes down for emergency repairs in the middle of a scorching Saturday afternoon. 

Yodel delivers an experience like what we’re used to when waiting for public transit. Simple communication to help customers manage their time and expectations. 

Designed for Parks & Recreation: On top of all this, Yodel is the only digital wallet designed specifically for Parks & Recreation. What does that mean? It’s designed to be affordable, flexible and easy to use for your staff and visitors. 

But that does not mean it’s limited to serving the California State Parks system as we do today. The digital wallet’s self check in has major benefits for attractions operator who pay too much today to produce, distribute and replace physical passes AND who have customers frustrated by long lines as each person gets scanned for entry. 

If you care about smarter access control, not every digital wallet or digital pass is the same.

What is the Best Digital Wallet Out There?

When it comes to the variety of digital pass and wallet platforms available to consumers, it can be hard to spot the differences and benefits between very similar-seeming services. 

Designed with the everyday consumer and shopper in mind, Apple and Google haven’t quite honed their services in terms of catering to the pass issuer. What Apple and Google have accomplished is extraordinary in terms of creating an infrastructure on which clever software developers can build tools like Yodel that deliver truly transformative user experiences. 

It’s one thing to leave your credit card and coupons at home, it’s another to help lines move faster and alert parkgoers about potential issues BEFORE they arrive. 

Meanwhile, Yodel has been designed with both parties in mind and a focus on simplicity, safety  and security for the patrons. It’s simple because it’s a familiar app experience. It’s safe because it facilitates contactless entry and its secure in that it meets the same rigid financial protections your online banking app delivers. 

Advanced features to fully engage and better understand their visitors for the agencies round out the package, providing a service that will cater to a diverse set of business conditions. 

From Parks & Rec to fairs, amusement, athletics and beyond, Yodel Pass delivers a diverse wide array of services and solutions that are both broad and deep to deliver a superior customer experience and help attractions operators deliver a better customer experience.

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