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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers for all your Yodel needs


We designed Yodel to be easy for all members of a parks and recreation department to use, from the most tech savvy to staff members who are not as familiar with all of the latest technology. And we continue to evolve the interface based on user feedback to continuously improve the user experience.


The Yodel app makes it easy to buy passes for anyone who has a smart phone and a phone number to connect to the account for security. YodelPass functionality is also available via bespoke website we build for each agency, making it easy for visitors without a smart device.


Yodel is the ideal app for any agency seeking contactless ticketing or pass management. In fact, we’re implementing Yodel now for a large outdoors agency in New England focused primarily on the agency’s need for contactless purchasing capabilities.


Yodel is super flexible and can support all of the scenarios listed above. It will take additional work from the agency to architect Yodel Pass to accept certain purchases based on their criteria, but Yodel can flex to your ticketing and/or pass selling needs.


All tickets are designed to be simple to identify even by entry level or part time employees. We also offer customizations for your ticket so they can match any style you choose.


Yes, Yodel can integrate with any recreation software you are currently using, providing an app-based digital wallet that will securely store tickets or passes.


Yes, Yodel can distribute app-based push notifications to alert customers of any change to an event or facility access.


Yodel is your gateway to your customer’s data and we simply store it for you to access. It will NOT be shared or distributed in any way.


Yodel is designed to work in off-line mode, meaning the app can continue to process transactions without wi-fi or cellular connection and then reconcile with the backend system when connection is available.


Only the premier version of Yodel requires hardware or if you'd like to customize the Yodel application to better fit your needs automation wise with cameras. Out of the box Yodel requires no hardware.