5 Ways YodelPass is Staying Ahead Within the Ticketing Industry

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5 Ways YodelPass is Staying Ahead Within the Ticketing Industry

As the world adapts to a new and constantly evolving way of doing business in the wake of COVID, the vaccines, government mandates and a return to mass gatherings, live entertainment, sports, and cultural sectors are attempting to make a big comeback this year.

Precautionary measures taken in pilot events have to some degree demonstrated that the dangers of Covid-19 can be mitigated, and it is possible to reopen the entertainment industry with a new set of controls and systems.

As the pandemic has demonstrated, business owners can’t afford to wait and see.

Those who embrace rapid change will survive and maybe even prosper.

That means being ready for more changes to the ticketing and pass industry and adopting features like real-time crowd capacity management and customer messaging via a ticketing/pass mobile application.

Building Trust

Many people are ready to go back out in the world and are longing to revisit museums, enjoy the thrill of live sports games at the stadium, seek thrills at their favorite amusement park, and get their air guitar tuned up for live rock concerts at packed venues.

At the same time, however, there are those who do not want to be in what they consider an unsafe or indoor closed space with throngs of other people.

So, “throwing your hands up in the air like you just don’t care” may not be de rigueur in our new environment.

This poses a responsibility for event organizers to build trust with the public to ensure that their spaces have safety protocols in place.

The audience must have an assurance that:

  • All Covid-19 government guidelines will be observed, and chances of a spread are diminished
  • Proof of vaccination and/or a negative Covid test will become the norm. It is necessary for organizers to share how these will take place well before the event takes place.
  • If an event gets canceled due to any reason, the ticket holders will be given a hassle-free refund. The organizers could transfer the ticket money to their digital wallets.
  • If there are any changes regarding the event, all such changes will be communicated clearly with the ticket holders.

The year 2020 has deeply affected every one… 2021 is a year of adjustments.

Whether it’s nightlife that goes until dawn or a family-friendly day at the museum, people understand there are risks but are looking to organizers to take proactive measures to deter the spread of the virus.

A strong ticketing and pass solution like YodelPass can help ensure that venue information and protocols are shared clearly and directly with your patrons and that refunds are handled swiftly without any hiccups.

YodelPass can also provide real-time crowd capacity as well as communication with event attendees.


Some venues that were opened recently were forced to close as they were not prepared to adapt to the new challenges.

Even with the reopening of venues, widespread unpredictability persists. The venues will have to be flexible to comply with the government’s guidelines to curb the spread of the virus.

There may be changes or even cancellations at the eleventh hour. Dates, timings, permitted capacity, or the entire venue might have to be changed at very little notice.

Organizers, who can communicate the changes and the alternate plan quickly with the attendees, will be rewarded with less headaches and greater customer loyalty.

With YodelPass, these abrupt changes can be quickly communicated to your patrons with push notifications. This will allow organizers to never miss a beat during rapidly shifting situations.

Improved Audience Knowledge

Even before Covid-19, organizers wanted to know their audience.

If the audience can’t attend an event, the organizers must be able to keep them engaged. They need to focus on personalized marketing initiatives.

YodelPass monitors venues in real time to facilitate capacity limits and analyze data so organizers can better understand the busiest times to enhance engagement.

This data is secure and will not be shared or distributed in any way.

Our work speaks for itself.

Digital Solutions

The pandemic has accelerated a digital revolution within the ticketing industry. As a precaution against Covid-19, there must be as little physical contact as possible.

The shift from paper tickets to tamper-proof digital tickets will continue to proliferate.

The use of paper currency at venues will also be minimal. Payments for food, drinks, and snacks will be made via digital wallets and mobile payments.

Cash may not be dead, but the pandemic has delivered another blow to its status and patrons expect to be able to attend an event with nothing but their phone to get in and have fun.

YodelPass combines both of these solutions into one user-friendly platform. Patrons can buy multiple passes within the app as well as easily and securely add multiple payment methods.

These contactless methods are not only safer but more efficient.

Offline Capabilities

The rise of digital wallets and pass management systems comes with one challenge: ensuring connectivity. Cell service is often slow in large gatherings and while providing Wi-Fi is one solution, it is not foolproof.

Thankfully, YodelPass allows patrons to access their passes and payment methods offline. This means shorter wait times in lines for your patrons and less stress for the organizers.

Say goodbye to congested networks impacting your operations.

The offline mode capability of both Yodel and the staff-facing app are designed around business continuity and revenue generation in nearly any environment.

Ticketing companies will have to think outside of the box office.

Organizers need to be nimble, creative and always ready to pivot on a second’s notice to keep their guests safe and in the know.

Yodel is committed to meeting these challenges and building a simpler, safer, and more secure pass management system and digital wallet for the evolving world of recreation, leisure and event management.

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