How Yodel Pass is poised to solve one of the most pressing problems in the fair and expo industry

Tickets, passes and parking in one simple solution: 

How Yodel Pass is poised to solve one of the most pressing problems in the fair and expo industry

Community, fun, and local traditions—what more could you ask for at the fair?

Missing parking passes? Tickets on the printer at home? Exhausting long lines? Not quite.

At Yodel Pass we hope that fair season is treating you well, and we understand that fair operators today face more challenges than ever.

They manage constant shifting advice and policies from health authorities, the rising costs of labor and materials, and most importantly to the bottom line, they address the evolving needs of their visitors.


Nevertheless, the industry is recovering from a dreadful 2020—fairs now have packed grandstands, jammed midways and enough fried Habanero-dipped Twinkies to satisfy the hunger of the local high school football team.

While many challenges, like staffing shortages and health constraints, are outside the control of fair and expo operators, the industry has many exciting innovations for operators to take control of their challenges.

From a customer service perspective, one
of the more promising innovations includes Yodel Pass, which is the first-of-its-kind mobile solution that can tackle one of the thorniest issues facing customer service—selling and managing tickets, passes, and parking permits.

Does this sound familiar?

Your fair has one solution to sell tickets.
You may be used to blending multiple softwares and hardware elements to manage passes [some of which may even be the old-school paper bracelets]. Or your midway operator uses a different app to capture revenue for rides and games.

You may even have another system to manage parking.

All of these are great ways to generate revenue, but they can also lead to errors or confusion.

Yodel Pass was designed for this very dilemma.

You need a service that will offer a simple, safe, and secure solution for bundling these three common revenue generators.

Yodel Pass also makes it easy for your visitors to pay in advance, travel into the fair with contactless entry, and enjoy a day-into-night jammed with activities—all accessible on one payment point.

Yodel Pass is a mobile app that is also available via a custom website, as well as a mobile friendly point of sale application, so fair operators can meet their customers anywhere: at home, in the parking lot, on the midway and on their way to your next event.

Digital ticketing solutions are nice, but they can be expensive and cumbersome to manage.

Pass hardware is an option; however, it is prone to malfunction, theft, and loss. The thought of managing sales through email or paper tickets and wristbands makes reporting challenging and financial reconciliation difficult.

Fair and expo operators now have a choice: A simple, safe and secure solution that is easy to download from the app store. It delivers contactless purchase, distributes and validates tickets and passes, and offers industry-leading security with its live QR code that is designed to combat fraud.

Say goodby to screenshot revenue leakage.

Say goodbye to questioning the real-time capacity and attendance of your event.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems, trainings, customer support programs, and financial systems.

Yodel Pass is designed around the exacting requirements of fair and expo operators who have to manage large crowds, spotty network coverage, and shifting health protocols.

The system is designed to sell various ticket and pass configurations with ease.

Does your fair offer senior or veteran discounts? Yodel has that covered!

Do you offer a pre-sale discount? Yodel just made that process simpler!

Do you want to ensure that your ticket sales are accurate, and a season pass is not being shared by five friends? Yodel will help you!

Yodel is flexible enough to meet the needs of your fair or expo, from the front ticket office to the
grandstands and the midway to the pens.

Schedule a demonstration today and allow us to show you how Yodel is the innovative answer to help you better serve your customers and manage your program.

The mobile application will be the solution that both your visitors and staff will enjoy using.

Our work speaks for itself.

We value your commitment to tradition.

Fairs are more important than ever to our social fabric.

As fewer individuals farm and work in the rural areas, fairs are a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds and ages to gather and better understand agriculture, livestock, produce and rural culture.

Yes, the midway is a great space for teenage legend and pop culture lure, but the fair is more than games and rides.

It’s an annual tradition in large and small communities across the United States, where we take pride in the finest traditions of animal husbandry and baking the perfect apple pie.

Tradition is essential, and an investment in innovation can make it even easier for your community to enjoy.

Again, imagine the following situation:

It is time for the local fall fair. The sun is out, and the community is ready to engage with one another. Fair operators have worked tirelessly to make sure the events run smoothly. The line to buy tickets is monstrous!

You take this as a good sign, but you wish patrons could get in the doors easier. And faster.

Next, you discover that many individuals bought tickets ahead of time—great! However, many of them also lost the tickets in their email or cannot locate the printed version.

As an event organizer, you are also concerned about the capacity of your event.

You’re left to speculate on the amount of visitors inside the fair. Do you have space for more parking?

How many tickets have been sold? Yodel was designed to deliver this sort of real-time capacity intelligence.

Now consider the next situation:

It is another great day at the fair, and your team is poised to deliver another memory making experience for thousands of visitors. Your team and patrons all have access to Yodel Pass, and it’s simple, safe and secure to provide a mobile experience for your loyal customers.

You have mobile pay parking, contactless digital passes, and real-time monitoring of facility capacity. The parking process is running smoothly, visitors are entering with a smile, and the fair is bustling.

As you look at all of the excitement, you’re rest assured that you can send notifications and promotions to all of your patrons in a few clicks. You feel organized — even relaxed enough to be a judge in the apple pie contest.

A mobile solution like Yodel is a powerful tool that fair operators can adopt to better serve their visitors and improve the way they do business.

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