Yodel E-Card

is an app based digital membership card that is fraud proof, increases revenue, reduces cost, is instantly available and environmentally friendly.
Yodel E-Card does not require a rip and replace of your existing system.

Yodel E-Card: Features

Yodel E-Card: Customization

Add your current or upcoming exhibitions so your members know what to expect. 

List your rules and update your hours so your members know on the fly.

Add an image of your map so your members can easily navigate your museum or zoo.

Yodel E-Card: Messaging

Survey Members

About the experience

Inform Members

In real time during the day

Remind Members

about upcoming events

Yodel E-Card: Membership Delivery

Yodel E-Card: Transfer

Yodel E-Card: Flexibility

  • Family Passes
  • Multi-use Passes
  • Daily, Weekly and Seasonal passes and memberships
  • Parking Passes
  • Special Event Passes

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