Why I can’t wait to give away $1,000 to Friends of (INSERT YOUR PARK HERE)….

Why I can’t wait to give away $1,000 to Friends of (INSERT YOUR PARK HERE)….
Bryan August 19, 2021

Why I can’t wait to give away $1,000 to Friends of (INSERT YOUR PARK HERE)….

Because your time is valuable. 

And my time is valuable. 

And we sadly don’t know when the next time we may get to an industry event will be. 

And there are hundreds of people coming to the Florida Parks and Recreation annual event in Orlando this month vying for your attention and your agency’s business. 

Most of them have names you likely recognize and services you’re familiar with. 

Companies with offices in Florida, and account representatives who live in your county and services your agency relies on every day to serve your community. 

We at Yodel Pass don’t have that luxury. 

While we have great customers in Florida, including the entire Florida State Parks system, and we have a handful of employees based remotely in Florida, our primary office is in Long Island, New York. 

My parents live in Florida like so many midwestern transplants enjoying their Golden Years, but I live, work and play at parks here in Indianapolis. I absolutely love visiting their cozy condo in St Pete Beach every year, and staining my feet white in the soft sandy beaches. 

And our company is in New York where our team enjoys the parks and facilities in and around Long Island. 

So you’ve likely never heard of Yodel Pass, or anything about me. 

But we know about you and your agency. 

We work every day with dozens of dedicated Floridians who manage the state’s incredible network of state park campgrounds and help them deploy technology to serve their millions of visitors. 

The team in Tallahassee is only the most recent state park system that we serve with similar solutions. Every state campground in California, Ohio, Missouri and Minnesota all place their trust in us, too. 

But like any company wanting to grow and serve more customers, we knew we had to innovate our products to reach different audiences. 

We’ve spent the past two years working with Yodel Pass technology to build a powerful and intuitive mobile application that makes the sale, distribution and validation of tickets and passes a snap. 

Yodel Pass makes it super simple to buy any type of pass you sell to your community. 

This web page we built for our customer in Long Beach, New York shows how we can support a rich mix of pass types and then simply transfer them to a digital wall in our mobile app so the visitor will never lose a pass again. 

And your team will never have to print, ship or replace a physical pass again. 

How much time and money do you spend on that now? 

It varies by agency, but at the extreme end of the market, our newest customer in the California State Parks system knows it is well into six figures that they can save with a digital solution like Yodel. 

So why give away $1,000 if our solution is so darn simple, safe (contactless entry) and secure? 

Because you’re busy. 

And we’re busy. 

And we only have two days to meet potentially dozens of agencies we believe we can help improve the way they do business. 

And we know how the world works. 

You’ve never heard of us, despite our partner’s more than 20 years in the outdoors recreation industry, and you’ve never heard of Yodel, despite the fact the product has processed hundreds of thousands of transactions in its first few months of existence. 

In five years, we hope to have dozens of clients in Florida, and to use your feedback and experiences and knowledge to build and innovate Yodel into an amazing application that provides incalculable value to you and your visitors. 

But today we’re a new product with a funny name trying to secure ten minutes of your valuable time so share how it works so you can appreciate if it would help improve the way your team does business. 

So I believe committing $1,000 is the surest way to show we’re serious about improving Florida parks. 

After our last two demonstrations with parks and recreation tech leaders in Indiana and California, I’m confident that a handful of innovative Florida recreation leaders will easily see the value we provide, especially after learning how some parks departments are using Yodel Pass at ZERO cost to the agency. 

All we need is ten minutes to show you three simple things: 

It’s SIMPLE: An app or web buying experience like we all do all the time 

It’s SAFE: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation deployed Yodel simply to provide contactless buying options in the COVID era. 

It’s SECURE: We have enough digital security layers to fend off any concerns about sharing screenshots or handing a pass back to a friend. 

If you’ve read this far, thank you. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of my plans to give away $1,000 to ten Friends of (INSERT YOUR PARK HERE), please give me a quick call at 202 718 5155 and let me walk you through the plan specifically. 

In my last role, where I helped student transportation professionals (also known as School Bus Fleet Managers) use software that kept students safe, I gave away thousands of dollars to local food banks during the early part of the pandemic to help stimulate similar conversations about technology. 

I learned that just a little extra incentive that speaks to our customer’s concerns, can demonstrate our seriousness and drive relationship building that ultimately serves all of our interests. 

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