Features and benefits

In the event of a rejection, staff can provide an explanation in the email sent to the patron.
Patrons receive application status emails at every step of the process, eliminating the need for status updates by phone.
Staff uses an easy to use, intuitive document review dashboard for document verification. It is searchable and sortable.
Patrons can review uploaded an document before submitting and can replace it, reducing the need for resubmissions.
Status is always available to patrons on the portal.
Staff can request resubmission of documents via automated email  with a comment to explain why the resubmission is needed.

Yodel Document Verification System Provides Rapid Verification for Proof of Residency 

How the Yodel Document Verification System Works for
Proof of Residency, Age, Military Status, or any Other Privilege.


Step 1 

Patrons go to a portal website to upload the appropriate documents (e.g., license or utility bill). 

This process can be used for proof of residency as well as for proof or other classifications (such as military, senior, child, etc.).

Patrons can check the document before uploading.


Step 2

Staff reviews documents and either approves, rejects or requests resubmission. There is a backend dashboard used by staff to manage the process.

In many cases, these documents can be verified automatically, reducing the load on staff. Yodel Pass provides an automated system.

Patrons can check status of their application on portal website and they receive emails at every stage of the process:

- Application submitted
- Document rejected and needs to be resubmitted

- Application rejected
- Application approved


Step 3

The patron receives an email to inform them if they are approved or not approved. A reason can be provided for non-approval (e.g. not a resident).

Approved patrons can order their annual pass on the portal website.

Once patron is approved, they are classified as a resident. There is an expiration date for the resident classification (typically the end of the year).

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