Yodel Pass. Increases entrance fee, pass and membership revenue with no additional cost by using an additional digital delivery channel.

Features and benefits

Passes are sent to your customers via their mobile devices immediately after their credit card payment is verified.
Eliminates fraud with two factor authentication for visual verification: moving QR code plus change in code and color.
Built-In Tracking for Check-Ins, Scans, Usage and Expiry.
Audit capabilities: Transaction history and analytics available by included Yodel Admin module.
Custom branding: Logo, colors, pass name and patron photo.
Previously purchased Yodel Passes continue to work without wifi or cellular connection, enabling uninterrupted entrance even if connectivity is poor.
Sharing: Can easily transfer the E-Card to family and friends via mobile device.
Features the ability to send interactive messages, since your patrons have their Yodel Pass on their mobile devices.


Family passes and memberships. Multi-use passes and tickets.
Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual passes and memberships.
Parking passes. Special event passes and tickets.

Fraud Proof

Yodel pass moving QR code.
Moving QR code plus the color and code change  makes the E-Card check in screen impossible to copy, video tape or recreate. The pass has date and time as an additional method to verify. Unlike other digital passes, when expired, there is no check in screen with a QR code available.

Patron Pass Purchasing Experience

1. Patrons select your location on their mobile device or personal computer.
2. Patrons input minimum amount of information required to purchase a pass.
3. Patrons receive their pass as soon as the payment is completed. If they lose signal, the pass can still be used.

Messaging / Transferring



 Survey, inform and remind patrons at any time.
Pass holders can easily share and transfer passes.

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