Yodel Pass For Eco Adventures: Flexibility for Ticket Sales with On Site Yodel Mobile Cashier and Digitally Delivered Advance Sales. 


Yodel Pass has Solutions for Your Pain Points

Yodel E-Card Provides Benefits Without Ripping & Replacing Your Current System

Digitally Delivered Yodel E-Cards for Eco Adventure Tickets

  • Instant digital delivery to patrons.

  • The cost associated with printing and mailing passes is eliminated. 
  • Ability to message patrons via their mobile device.
  • Customized E-Card with your branding.
  • Use for all patron classifications (family, individuals, senior, military, etc.)  and durations (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual).

No need to change current system to enjoy these benefits.

Visual validation with two-factor authentication. Built-in tracking.

Yodel E-Card is Fraud Proof & Reduces Congestion with Visual Validation

Digitally delivered Yodel Passes have both a moving QR code and a changing code and color. Staff have a digital device that shows the correct code and color so that they can look at the passes and identify fraudulent passes immediately.

It is impossible to copy or duplicate a Yodel Pass. 

Multiple methods for validation:

  • Contactless visual validation
  • Scanning with mobile device

Yodel E-Card: as Easy as 1, 2, 3 for your  Patrons to Receive Tickets Purchased on Your Current System

No need to rip and replace current system for digital delivery.

Secure Info


Send members a secure e-mail with Yodel E-Card.

Patron Opts in


Patrons opt-in for a digital membership.

Pass in Wallet


Patrons download the Yodel app & receive their membership.

Yodel E-Card: Visual Validation with Yodel Ranger App


Yodel Ranger

Staff are able to use a mobile device with Yodel Ranger app to confirm a pass is valid. Yodel Ranger can be used to visually validate that the patron's pass matches the code and color on the Visual Validator (H55 with green background).


Yodel Pass on Patron's mobile device

In addition to a moving QR code, Yodel Passes have a unique code with a changing background color (two factor authentication) and the date. These multiple verification factors eliminate fraud.

Yodel E-Card: Scanning with Yodel Ranger App


QR Code Scan

The Ranger app can scan the QR code to confirm that the patron has paid or has a valid membership. If the pass is a screen shot or a video, the Ranger will identify it as invalid. If code on the Pass is valid but is for a different location, the Ranger will advise that the Pass may be for a different location.


License Plate Scan

The Yodel Ranger app can be used to scan license plates to confirm that the patron has paid for parking. The Ranger app will indicate if the pass is not valid and will display "Unpaid."

Patron Messaging


Survey patrons about their experience.


Inform Patrons in real-time during the day.


Remind Patrons about events.

Yodel E-Card, Yodel Pass or Yodel Cashier for Sales of Event Tickets


Yodel E-Card

Do you want to keep your current system to sell tickets but need to add in a digital delivery channel for some or all tickets?

If you want to keep your current system for event  ticket sales, then Yodel E-Card can be used to digitally deliver the ticket to patron's mobile device. No changes are required to the existing system.


Yodel Pass

Do you want the sale of tickets to be simple so that patrons provide only the information needed for the sale? Do you need an additional sales channel to increase revenue? 

If you need an easy and fast approach for patrons to purchase event tickets, then Yodel Pass can be used to sell tickets that are digitally delivered to the patron's mobile device. Tickets can be purchased on a Portal website of via the Yodel App. Patrons are asked to provide only the info needed for the sale (such as mobile phone number, email, and payment info).  


Yodel Mobile Cashier

Do you want the ability to sell tickets at the event with a mobile device so that you have the flexibility to sell outside of a booth? 

If you need a fast and simple way to sell event tickets at the venue entrance, then the Yodel Mobile Cashier is the perfect solution. Staff use a mobile device with the Yodel Cashier installed. The Cashier can accept both cash and credit cards. 

Yodel Admin Module

Admin module

Daily capacity and inventory information.

Assembles analytics and revenue reporting for fee reconciliation and accounting tasks.

Provides useful insights on pass, event and ticket sales and usage.

  • Pass type, channel, and location trends and comparisons 
  • Month on month and year on year comparisons
  • Number of check-ins (usage) of passes.
  • Ability to determine time of day that has highest activity based for each channel