Yodel Automation. Comprehensive parking solutions that remove entrance congestion, reduce cost and simplify enforcement. Includes pay by plate operations for unmanned parking lots with paid and unpaid vehicle list for easy enforcement as well as gated solutions.

Features and Benefits

Staff spends less time on enforcement by using a list that identifies unpaid vehicles by color and license plate.
LPR (License Plate Reading) devices capture vehicle plates entering and leaving the premises.
Patrons can be messaged via their mobile devices, for example with a reminder that their pass is expiring.
Pay by plate for unattended parking lots reduces cost and complexity.
Rapid use of gates that can be opened via digital Yodel Pass, for situations where enforcement is not possible or entrance gates are desired.

Yodel Automation: Parking Lots

Pay by Phone with QR code activated gated exit. Prepaid or permitted entry with QR code activated gated entry. Ungated systems with Pay by Plate or space. Ungated systems with Pay by Plate, enhanced with fixed LPR.

Yodel Automation: Enforcement

Yodel Ranger: Paid and unpaid vehicles, handheld LPR scan and citation generation. Mobile enforcement: Digital chalking.

Yodel Automation: Permits Processing

Residency and Document Verification

  • Online application process
  • Reduces staff time required 
  • Patrons automatically receive updates on status.


Patrons upload documents on portal website and can verify that the document uploaded correctly.



Staff uses a backend dashboard to manage the review process. Patrons receive application status emails and can check status on the portal website.



If application is approved, the patron is classified as a resident. There is an expiration date for the resident classification (typically, the end of the year).



Patron receives an email on status (approved or not). If approved, patron can purchase a resident membership on the portal.


Yodel app showing real-time activity.
Real-time activity reporting is available for staff using the Yodel Ranger app on their mobile devices. Yodel populates the real-time capacity based on total entries and exit at a location. It also shows congestion trends based on day and time for each location that can help facility management with staffing and other business decisions.


Notification asking customers' opinion.
Ability to Send Messages through the Yodel App. Survey Patrons about their experience.
 Inform Patrons in realtime during the day of visit.
 Remind Patrons about upcoming events.


Yodel enforcement and payment.
Yodel Automation can be integrated with your existing system and hardware. There is no need to rip and replace your current system to enjoy the benefits of Yodel Automation. Integrations include: Patron payments from Yodel, reservations, kiosks, and website. Third party enforcement software.

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