Digital Delivery
for Passes and Memberships

Yodel is a digital pass platform that increases revenue, reduces cost and delights your patrons by enabling you to:

  • Sell and Validate any Digital Pass or Membership Type
  • Sell and Validate Park-and-Pay Passes
  • Facilitate Fast and Contactless Check-Ins
  • Eliminate the Use of Copied and Fraudulent Passes
  • Monitor Real-Time Crowd Capacity
  • Send Notifications to Patrons
  • Our Customers Love Yodel

    Contactless & Fraud Proof Passes

    Mobile-First, Self-Service Payment with
    Fraud Proof Visual Validation

    Massachusetts DCR
    Trust Yodel

    Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation trusted Yodel to implement contactless access to the state parks, but the app’s diverse feature set and flexibility has allowed the agency to do so much more than simply stay ahead of COVID-19 challenges.

    Improving the visitors experience, reducing traffic and wait times and improved metrics around park usage and real-time capacity have made Yodel an indispensable tool for park leaders and visitors alike.



    Purchase and manage digital passes on the go enabling simple and quick access to your favorite spots.


    • App Experience
    • Manage on the Go
    • Digital Wallet


    Yodel keeps your patrons and staff safe by providing the most advance safety measures in the industry.


    • Contactless Sales and Validation
    • Real-Time Capacity Monitoring
    • Send Notifications and Alerts


    Reducing fraud and keeping your venues and parks secure are a major focus within Yodels features.


    • Multi Layered Authentication
    • Tamper Proof Digital Wallet
    • Visual Validation

    Serve all your customers from one powerful, intuitive platform.

    Seamless on-the-go digital pass purchases reduce customer wait time., while contactless check-ins meet modern customer expectations and real-time push notifications improve visitor communication. Yodel converts your park into a mobile interface.

    Various Pass

    Sell and manage various passes and fee types including daily, hourly resident/non-resident, veteran and free entry across your entire park system.

    Real-Time Capacity

    Monitor real-time capacity of your parks and optimize your revenue by maximizing pass sales. As cars leave, more passes become available.

    Multiple Payment

    Let your customers pay for their passes using the channels and devices most convenient for them. Yodel supports Mobile, Website, Kiosk and POS payments

    Yodel provides your patrons with a simple, safe, real-time solution to access your facilities.

    • Let patrons check real-time availability at your parks.
    • Purchase passes and validate them in a paperless,
      contactless manner.
    • Send notifications regarding real-time park closures, inclement
      weather, and safety announcements.

    Yodel Ranger provides your staff mobility and increases productivity.

    • Validate daily and annual passes as well as sell items on the go.
    • Scan vehicle plates and digital passes to access payment details and status
    • Send notifications and issue citations with ease.

    Shift to an automated entrance solution that integrates directly with your current rec software

    • No large capital investment required to track visitation,
      occupancy in real-time and broadcast it.
    • Monitor visitation and audit paid/unpaid around the
      clock, seven days a week.
    • Prevent revenue leakage by issuing citations to violators centrally.
    • Vast reduction in staff time at the toll booth.